When the water came…

I am currently working on a canvas piece for my client at the University of Queensland. I’ve completed the design and have sent off my sketch for approval so I can start on the painting for next week. I’m hoping that I’ve been able to interpret and illustrate their vision of what they are looking for. The funny thing is, this project is taking me in a completely new direction… a completely new style…. out of my comfort zone.


They requested an interpretative painting of the Aboriginal Water Story involving the Rainbow Serpent and his Frog friends. I’ve researched the subject and looked at many Dreamtime Paintings by Aboriginal artists to hopefully get a feel of the history that I can transfer to the page. Especially beautiful are Colin Walangari Karntawarra McCormack’s. I’ve also listened to music while doing the design to hopefully transfer some of the emotion, rhythm, peace and beauty of the natural world.


Here are some of the Walangari Karntawarra’s captivating pieces:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASeven Sister’s Dreamingwater_dreaming_072_photo_s1 Water Dreaming (Yellow)

To learn more about Walangari Karntawarra and see some of his lively pieces, have a look at his website: http://www.walangari.com.au

And keep watching this space for my next Aussie inspired canvas!

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