Children’s Spaces and Nursery Murals

I have a real passion for painting rooms for little people. The delight on their faces when they see the completed project is an expression of absolute joy and excitement. Designs are created with each child and parent in mind at all times and they are created to last for years and not simply for a couple of months.

As any childhood expert will tell you, pictures and stories are incredibly important in stimulating children’s imaginations, language skills and development. A bedroom or playroom should be a fun place filled with joy. Murals provide not only an attractive space but also engage children’s minds by providing a constant source of inspiration for conversation and their imaginations.

All the murals I paint are painted using professional artist’s acrylics that have beautiful vibrant pigments and inbuilt sealer. Especially important to note for babies and children, is that the paints that I use are non-toxic – so you can put your mind at ease that the room will be safe for your little one too.

Please have a look at the gallery below to see some of my work.

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