Advanced Water Management Centre

When the water came… It’s complete!

This latest canvas was created for the Advanced Water Management Centre at the University of Queensland. It is inspired by the Aboriginal creation stories involving the Rainbow Serpent and Tiddilik, the frog. There are variations in the story depending on which Aboriginal tribe one reads/hears from, so I have made a ‘collage’ in my mind taking bits from several stories to amalgamate them into one painting.



This is my version:

In the beginning, the land was dry and the Rainbow Serpent moved across the desert looking for his tribe. As he moved his body made deep grooves  in the earth, and as he turned, his body pushed large mounds of earth up to form mountains. When the rain began to fall, the water trickled into the grooves that the Rainbow Serpent had made forming rivers, lakes and pools. This precious water allowed plants to grow and places for animals, like frogs, to live. After the rain, one can see the spirit of the Rainbow Serpent in the sky, reminding us that we, humans, animals and plants are all connected and dependent on each other and the precious earth we live on.


It has been a wonderful experience researching for this project and I look forward to doing more like it. I’ll keep you posted….