My Mural

Up in the Bowerbird



Have you ever put yourself out there thinking “Gee, I hope they like it!” Those were my initial thoughts when I was hanging my artwork at the lovely Bowerbird Cafe this last week…

I decided a few months ago, on the verge of our 10 year wedding anniversary, that I wanted to paint a series of paintings that reminded me of who we were and what we were doing 10 years ago. Over those 10 years we’ve lived in a few spots – 9 or 10 different residences in four different countries – and have seen a few more on our travels in between. All of them have been lovely, but I was trying to remember where we felt care-free and optimistic about what the future held – you know, ‘the world is your oyster’ kind of mindset… I thought, and pondered, and sketched, and erased, and did some more planning, and erasing… And aaha! I suddenly remembered our honeymoon to Zanzibar!

It was such a fantastic trip! Newly weds off to an exotic location: beautiful beaches, white white sand with blue blue clear water, palm trees, cocktails, spice tours, swimming with dolphins near Kizimkazi, diving off fishing boats, flights in teeny-weeny planes sitting next to a man with stinky fish in the bucket at his feet, colobus monkeys in the Jozani forests, eating ourselves silly at our private dining on the beach… All the smells, the sights; and friendly ‘Jambo’ still ring in my ears. I tried to capture some of those moments in my Zanzibar series: the Fishermen, the Dhow, Zanzibari Woman ( in the pic above), Sunset from Forodhani and Sunset.

Arriving in Stone Town late on the first night, eating midnight dinner at fresh food stalls at the Forodhani market all seemed a little overwhelming at first, but we slowly loosened up and started chatting happily to the locals, and suddenly it wasn’t so strange or unnerving. It was, I suppose, a metaphor for anything new, like getting married or starting a new project. It’s the thrilling, nervy, exciting ‘butterflies in your stomach’ kind of feeling you get when you actually venture into something that you’ve really, really been wanting to do for a long time, and finally managed to pluck up the courage to dare yourself to do it – something like writing this blog! So, with that, I’ll say, thanks for joining me at the start of this new adventure…. And if you’d like to see more of my paintings please pop over to my website or